Volunteer at WQRT: no experience necessary

This low-power station is high-energy and receives more attention, submissions, and opportunities every day. There are things to be done on the air, in the studio, out on special missions, and remotely from anywhere. Technical and non-technical needs never stop, so if you have a love for or interest in what we're doing, let's do stuff together!

We’ve set up a series of important and required steps for all volunteers — including and especially people who’d like to have a show on the radio. And we’re asking for patience and understanding that we can’t spend a lot of one-on-one time with everyone throughout the process. We are working with a very limited budget, have a very small staff, and need volunteer support and true community buy-in to operate WQRT. We're also working within somewhat complicated FCC regulations. For these reasons, we’ve researched how other community-oriented stations handle this process of putting volunteers on the air, to create an online volunteer interest form. Please click the link below to tell us about how you would like to be a part of WQRT as we grow.