Propose a show: some assembly required

1. First, fill out our volunteer form online (the big pink button at the bottom of the page): Tell us about your interests, experience, and how you’d like to get involved. The section that asks you about your show idea is at the end of that form. This will add you to our database so we can reach out with group messages. Depending on how busy things are, we may be able to communicate with you one-on-one, but probably not immediately. You’ll also be invited to our Facebook group where you can find updates on opportunities large and small.

If you would like to do a one-off show or a short series of up to three shows, be sure to highlight this in your initial submission.

2. Start helping as a volunteer: Before you can be considered for that proposed on-air show of your own, everyone needs to start by helping our staff and other volunteers move things forward so we can get to know each other. For example, you can DJ for existing blocks of music and sub for other DJs, or help in other ways based on your interests and the station's needs at the time. Volunteering as a way to move into on-air shows is a process with no exceptions. 


A. Record your approved pilot: After we've become familiar with each other, if we give your show idea the green light from your volunteer form, it's time to make a pilot. You can work with other volunteers or record it on your own (following our supplied tips and FCC guidelines or utilizing what you learn in one of our pilot classes) and submit it for final review. 

B. Get a monthly time slot: If your pilot seems like a good fit, is not duplicating other things on WQRT or elsewhere, and we mutually agree to move forward, your show will go on a waiting list for a regular, monthly slot as they become available during designated times. It could then, over time, move to a show that airs every two weeks.

C. Ready for more? With a positive track record, your show can be considered for air time on a more regular basis. Invitation to step things up comes by invitation of WQRT staff, or through more extensive volunteering, such as supporting others’ shows, helping manage the station, etc. 


To help promote your new show before your pilot airs, we'll give you info on how to prepare an on-air :30 promo, an "album cover" to go on our website with a short description, and talk about social media. Because our station is not on-demand, if you want to share your show after it has played, you will need to provide your own storage and method of distribution (many people like MixCloud.)

We’re phasing in online streaming now, which comes with some new rules about how many songs you can play per hour by an artist or from an album. And any music you use requires a playlist with all metadata for license reporting purposes. We’ll go over all that with you.

Creating a show doesn't cost you anything, but it doesn't pay you anything, either. Because we are an FCC-licensed radio station, there are some definite rules (decency, language, etc.) that will be covered as part of your training. Additionally, because we are a community station, we choose NOT to broadcast programming that is specifically political or religious, and this cannot be used for any commercial purpose at all. We're here to help keep things simple and friendly, and will be happy to talk about your ideas if that all sounds cool to you.

Ready? Here's the volunteer form where you can tell us what you're like to make for community radio: