March 21-22, 2018 (6pm to 6pm)
LIVE at Listen Hear
2620 Shelby Street, Indianapolis
and on the air 99.1 WQRT

Tune in or join in as we celebrate with live experimental music from artists around the city of Indianapolis and raise funds to keep WQRT rolling into the future. The phone lines will be open for calls and donations, and we'll have live interviews from all artists participating and other surprises literally all day long.

Stay tuned for more info right here!

  poster design by MKII

poster design by MKII


MARCH 21st

6:00pm: Matt Sommers

6:30pm: Lonegevity

7:00pm: John Flannely

7:30pm: Ted Gregorek

8:00pm: BIble Study

8:30pm: Jordan Munson

9:00pm: WingVilma

10:00pm: Team Leader

10:30pm: Eric Brown

11:00pm: MKII

11:30pm: Demnosvas

MARCH 22nd

12:00am: Sedcairn Archives

12:30am: Slagseed

1:00am: Michael Raintree

1:30am: John Dawson

2:00am: Cam Miller

3:00am: Trilli

4:00am: Duncan Kissinger

5:00am: Rob Funkhouser

6:00am: TBD

6:30am: John McCormick

7:00am: Jim Walker

7:30am: Hen

8:00am: Defame

8:30am: Muertera

9:00am: Do-RE

9:30am: MADPritch

10:00am: Landon Caldwell

10:30am: Mark Tester

11:00am: Ossa

11:30am: Corey Denham

12:00pm: Andy D

12:30pm: Sharlene Birdsong

1:00pm: Toby Kaufmann

1:30pm: Bausstones

2:00pm: Jeremy Tubbs

2:30pm: TAJ

3:00pm: Wayne Thomas

3:30pm: Dorji & Damon

4:00pm: Lost Lakes

4:30pm: John Stamps

5:00pm: Foreign Peels