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Celebrating Black Philanthropy (Aired March, 2019)

In this month’s episode of For Good, we learn from IUPUI’s Mays Institute for Diverse Philanthropy about the history of black philanthropy and members of the African American Legacy Fund of Indianapolis on the efforts underway to leave a legacy of giving in our community.

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Race: What We’ve Learned So Far (Aired February, 2019)

CICF is serious about creating equitable opportunity for everyone in Central Indiana to reach their full potential, and we know race plays a profound role in access to opportunity. Becoming an anti-racist organization and building lasting impact starts with open, honest dialogue, and that’s what CICF has been working on internally for the past two years. In this episode of For Good, four staff members open up about their personal and professional journeys to understanding systemic racism and how the foundation is continuously learning and preparing for the work ahead.

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Homelessness in Central Indiana (Aired January, 2019; Recorded July, 2018)

Ending homelessness can be done, says Rodney Stockment, the city of Indianapolis’ senior strategy director for homelessness, adding that collaboration and supportive services are imperative to its eradication. In this month’s episode of For Good, hear from Rodney, representatives from Horizon House, Partners in Housing, and Alan Witchey, former executive director of the Coalition for Homelessness Intervention and Prevention (CHIP) about the realities of homelessness in Marion County and the collaborative efforts to end it.

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A Conversation with CICF Scholarship Recipients (Aired December, 2018)

Scholarships change lives. Jesus, Monica and Gloria say the scholarships they received from CICF have changed their lives, as well as their parents and, in Gloria’s case, her two sons. These three smart and talented students sat down with For Good to talk about what it was like to set foot on a college campus for the first time, their surprise at the cost of books, advice for scholarship applicants and their plans for after college.

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Earning a degree: Marion County Promise (Aired November, 2018)

42nd in the nation for attaining those credentials. This month, “For Good” explores a new program, Marion County Promise—its goal is to increase that number by preparing students as early as kindergarten. Marion County Promise is the first time the statewide initiative, Promise Indiana, is being piloted in an urban setting.

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An emerging type of learning in Central Indiana (Aired November, 2018)

Several schools and organizations in Central Indiana are better understanding the long-term effect of experiencing some form of trauma, a deeply distressing or disturbing experience. This episode of For Good explores how local educators throughout Central Indiana are introducing student-focused approaches to learning that acknowledge and address the social and emotional experiences of students. The goal—to support and empower students to reach their full potential. The approaches are all different, but the impact on a child’s mental health as well as academics are powerful.

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This is Riverside (Aired October, 2018)

At 29th and Clifton, near Riverside, there’s a sense of collaboration, unity and pride. It’s a place where neighbors look out for each other and not-for-profit organizations passionately amplify the gifts and assets of the community’s youth and young adults. In this month’s episode of For Good, CICF ambassador and resident, DeAmon Harges, along with a few of his neighbors, highlight the talents and opportunities of their community. 

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Central Indiana’s Latino and Hispanic youth (Aired October, 2018)

Sept. 15 kicked-off Hispanic Heritage month with a celebration and turning the Downtown Canal orange. More than 50 percent of Spanish-speaking people living in Indianapolis are under the age of 24, so this month’s episode of For Good, is all about Latino youth. Maria de Leon, a CICF community ambassador, talks about what she learned from her peers and shares her own story, while an undocumented college student shares his plans to give back to the community. The episode also features Miriam Acevedo Davis, president and CEO at La Plaza, and Yecenia Tostado, former senior program director at Indiana Latino Institute.

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A Conversation with Brian Payne (Aired September, 2018)

In this special extended episode of For Good, Brian Payne has a candid conversation about CICF’s new mission, explains why the organization cannot talk about equity without talking about race; and shares his personal journey to understand the historic context of institutional racism in America. 

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Introducing Community Ambassadors (Aired August, 2018)

Last year, CICF worked with a local agency, Smallbox, to train 36 representatives of different neighborhoods and population groups as ambassadors for their communities. Each ambassador conducted a listening tour to gather residents’ concerns, excitements and hopes.

These conversations, along with national and regional data, have helped shape CICF’s commitment to dismantle barriers and build more pathways for everyone in the community to reach their full potential, no matter their place, race or identity. On this month’s episode of For Good, meet a few of the ambassadors and find out how their work is fundamentally transforming CICF’s goals and initiatives.

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