Show creation guidelines for WQRT (pre-recorded)

Beyond playing music, we are also looking for original, multicultural, pre-recorded content in other audible forms. Things like spoken word, poetry, interviews, group discussions on important topics to you, curated playlists with commentary, etc. are all welcome. If you would like to put something together for possible radio play, there are a few guidelines to be aware of. These are listed in basic terms, so please contact us if you need further clarification on anything.

  • There are no royalties or payment involved. Sharing your content on the air here doesn't cost you anything, but it also doesn't pay you anything. (FYI, for music, we do carry blanket licenses with BMI and ASCAP for low-power FM use, and will add SoundExchange when streaming becomes available.) 
  • Become part of our community as a regular contributor. If your show is picked up for production as a series, or you plan on participating often, we'll want you to become familiar with how things work and how you can help the station gain more listener engagement, which benefits you and us. We'll talk with each person individually about your volunteer interests and how they can fit with our operations in small and big ways to make a difference. From alphabetizing albums to leading workshops, there's something for everyone.
  • Don't cuss. Profanity and vulgarity are forbidden by FCC rules. We also choose not to push things that are aggressively political or religious in the interest of our diverse listening audience. So, please use your best judgment about content before contacting us. There are plenty of other non-regulated outlets (like podcasts) that exist for more extreme forms of expression, and we reserve the right to curate what we share with our community. You are responsible for ensuring the radio-friendliness of your own content, including words in samples and background voices and shoutouts from live shows or interviews—in any language. A radio edit is totally legit if you need to scramble a word out in post. 
  • This is not free advertising. Promoting businesses is forbidden by FCC rules. There are specifics, but basically, it's "tell don't sell." The purpose of this station is to share unique, educational or entertaining content with each other. You can mention that the band whose song you just played is has a show coming up. But you can't get qualitative, mention $, or call to action. So, "These guys are awesome, and they're going to be at the best bar in town Saturday. Well drinks are $4 after 10. Go here every weekend!" is all kinds of wrong. Instead, try, "These guys are playing at Bar Name Saturday at 10pm as part of a singer-songwriter series. Visit website dot com for full details."

How to email us demos or pitch ideas

To submit sample content online or to pitch an idea email us HERE and include the following information (copy and paste the info below into your message to us):

  • Email address
  • Your name
  • Who is or would be involved in this show?
  • Tell us what you have in mind
  • Do you have the ability to record and/or produce this on your own? (It's okay if you don't)
  • Is this intended to be a one-time or recurring segment?
  • Provide links if applicable (website, YouTube, Dropbox, etc.) so we know how it would sound. Attachments are ok if reasonable size.

Mailing/drop-off address for CDs, records, tapes, thumb drives, etc: Tube Factory 1125 Cruft St. Indianapolis, IN 46203. It's a big purple building at the corner of Shelby and Cruft, please park in the designated lot. Note that materials will not be returned, and may become part of our listening library at Listen Hear.

All content submitted is for consideration only and not guaranteed to end up on the air. 

In-studio performances and interviews

We're mostly starting with pre-recorded content for flexibility. But sometimes we arrange to broadcast group or individual interviews, performances, discussions, etc. in-studio at our Indianapolis sound art space, Listen Hear, at Tube Factory, Big Car's headquarters and gallery across the street, or at special events around town with remote broadcast gear. If you'd like to get on the email/call list for those opportunities, please sign up for our email list below. If we should know about something right now, contact us HERE

What about streaming?

Please note that WQRT is a terrestrial station only for now. That means you and your friends will hear you on the actual air if they dial into 99.1 FM on a good old radio with an antenna in Indianapolis. We're working on getting streaming up and running as soon as possible, and will yell it from the rooftops when that's a go. Donations will def help make that a reality faster!